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“Imagine, Draw, Erase, Repeat!” is an interactive creative tool to help children or anyone looking to expand their imagination. 

This book includes: 

• 20 original abstract paintings to kick start your imagination. 

• 1 dry erase marker to draw what you've imagined. 

• 1 cloth to erase and create something new! 

This simple book allows just enough space for your imagination to run wild.

Pack it in the car for your kids to get creative during a long road trip! 

Keep it on your coffee table to entertain guests! 

Show off your imagination on social media! >>> Take a picture of what you or your child have created. 
Use #imaginedraweraserepeat or @imaginedraweraserepeat on Instagram or Facebook. While you’re there, you can see what others have created in their book!

“Imagine, Draw, Erase, Repeat!” Is infinitely reusable, how many different ideas can you come up with?


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