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These are individually hand-painted invitations with your event information printed on vellum frosted paper. The two sheets will be held together by a paper clip of your choice. Envelopes will also be included.

The original artwork can later be separated from the event information sheet to be framed and displayed in the home as a beautiful, life-long keepsake!




1. Each invitation has its own unique one of a kind painting?

Yes! Every single invitation is completely unique and designed according to your own color scheme.


2. How much do you charge per invitation?

I charge $5 - $8 per invitation. This may vary depending on customizations.


3. Can I add ribbon, wax seals, stickers, envelope liners or other custom elements to my order?

Yes! I love customizations.


4. Do you have other font options or colors than what is shown in the photos?

Yes. This is a fully custom invitation designed for you. You can change the font, text, placement, size, colors, etc.


5. How long does it take?

2-8 weeks depending.


6. Will I be charged for shipping?

Yes, It will be included in the final total we discuss. Or I offer a studio pick up! We can discuss at a later date.


7. Can you paint flowers or other realistic things?

No, I only create abstract invitations.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!


Looking forward to creating something special for your event!

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