I elicit inspiration from curiosities found in this unfathomable life. My paintings reflect my fluctuating world; a world filled with confusion, growth, suffering, chaos, and harmony. By entering flow through the center of discipline and surrender, I arrest the passing phenomenon into nothingness. 


We are all born into a mystery, separated by our own interpretations, our understanding limited by our language; where everything and everyone seems to be riddled with contradiction. To navigate this life being rendered at the speed of thought — or in this case, the speed of a brush stoke - I convey the potential for beauty or destruction in each painting, which I hope the viewer to see in themselves that same potential. Each individual contains a particular expression of everything that there is, in parallel each one of my paintings carries its own unique frame of reference.


With all possibilities accounted for I orchestrate a variety of mediums. Watercolor allows me to surrender to spontaneity, immediacy, and impermanence, that of which water consistently represents. While the ink and other mediums contrast with permanence, concentration and order. I use negative space to represent the unknown - a conduit to view the chaos from afar, but close inspection reveals harmonious order. 


There is nothing to let go of in this world because there is nothing to hold on to. I add motifs to provoke thought towards everything we grasp tightly as we perpetually fall into existence. 

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