I orchestrate a variety of mediums, predominantly watercolor and ink. The Watercolor gives way to spontaneity, immediacy, and impermanence. While the ink and other mediums contrast with permanence, concentration, and order. In my paintings, I use plenty of negative space to represent the unknown. I am passionate about zen, philosophy, communication, and human experience. I believe, my innate drive for creation is from my studies on these subjects. A recurring theme in almost everything I read is chaos and order (surrender and discipline) which I equate to watercolor and ink. Uniting these opposing worlds, I am able to construct equilibrium, harmony, and balance within my mind and paintings. I am also inspired by the Japanese lifestyle/aesthetic called Wabi-Sabi. The lifestyle embodies the present moment, mindfulness, and simplicity. The aesthetic acknowledges the beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. 

Espacia Fotiu 

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